Crave Design Co offers full-service interior design: from idea to install. Looking to start a design project but do not know where to start? We can Help!

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programming and schematic design interior design san diego

During the Programming phase Crave Design Co gathers as much information as possible from the client. This includes a thorough questionnaire outlining the needs, wants, and expectations of the design scope.  The proposed budget is broken down into each area of improvement. We then take photos and review client provided plans to develop a site analysis which includes: sketches, an adjacency matrix, zone and space requirements, block/bubble diagrams, rough space plans, 3D blocking and light maps. 

concept design interior design san diego

The Concept Development phase dives into the overall feeling of the design. We research furniture, fixtures, lighting, materials, color pallets, space plans, and much more to fit the concept of the design. Inspiration mood boards and material trays represent the desired look and vision of the design. The final 2 concepts are then presented to the client and a solid design concept direction is determined through feedback.

3d model rendering commercial interior design san diego

The design development phase entails the actual creation of the design through sketches, 3D renderings, models, finish elevations, and custom mill work details. During this phase, final selections of all finishes, materials, furniture, fixtures, lighting and equipment are made.

floor plan space planning interior design san diego

A set of construction documents are created to communicate the finalized design details. These documents may include but are not limited to the partition plan, demolition plan, furniture plan, finish plan, reflected ceiling plan, power plan and elevation sheets. Any required revisions will be completed during this phase.

cafe and hospitality design interior design san diego

During this final phase the client has the option to hire Crave Design Co on an hourly basis for any project procurement, administration, coordination and management. This includes: ordering furniture, fixtures, equipment, finishes, and materials; coordinating onsite installation and managing other team members; and scheduling times for delivery and receipt.