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Introducing Sally Rodrigues,

the principal designer, and owner of Crave Design Co. Stemming from a very artistic and musical family, she is a self-taught cake designer and entrepreneur with an eye for detail. She started her design career on film sets as an assistant production designer, soon after forming a successful pet services business through branding and a heavy online web presence. After graduating with her second degree in Interior Design, and working in commercial and hospitality design firms, Sally started Crave Design Co in 2019.

About Crave Design Co.

Crave Design Co creates unforgettable experiences through thoughtful interior design concepts. Thinking outside the box is our style. We love bringing our client's brand to life in every single project. What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to use playful and imaginative design in ways that are unconventional.


Our mission is to tell a story from one fine detail to the next,

leaving you craving more.